Vietnamese people make their own mechanical market 4.0 online

With more than 70% of internet users, Vietnam is a potential land for service developers and digital platform providers. Many digital platforms have spread widely and become an indispensable part of life.


Vietnam has just witnessed the birth of a digital platform operating under the 4.0 mechanical market model. This is an e-commerce platform with a website and mobile application of the same name Supermarket Mechanical (SCCK) and the first e-commerce platform in the direction of B2B2C.

Like its name, Supermarket Mechanical is a place to sell all mechanical items and accessories on e-commerce channels. The target customers of the application are end-users (B2C) buying for use and commercial customers (B2B) buying for resale.


Supermarket Mechanics now has a mobile version


Incubating the idea since 2017, Mechanic Supermarket has placed members to create the first brick foundation in 2019 by a group of young Vietnamese people.

People working in the mechanical industry in Vietnam often have difficulty in finding parts and accessories. These are quite special items, rarely available on consumer e-commerce platforms. They have to go to the place, scouring each store to find and buy, find the price, but they are not sure to buy the items they want. That is also the reason Supermarket Mechanical was born.

On this application, users will be able to consult prices, shop for mechanical accessories remotely. Order creation, payment, answering and consulting on mechanical engineering will all take place online through an account on the platform.

The goal of the development team is to turn this application into a place to provide materials for young people who are passionate about mechanics to explore and refer to. Besides, the application also wants to bring the innovation "breeze" of digital transformation into mechanical engineering - a field that seems to be very dry and difficult to change.

According to Mr. Nguyen Nhut Minh Tri - representative of the development team of Mechanical Supermarket, the initial product development process faced many difficulties due to the complex characteristics of the mechanical industry, in terms of knowledge and awareness materials. Using , the transport team has to find out many things and learn from foreign documents, applying a lot of logical thinking. Fortunately, things gradually improved and went into orbit to have the product like today.

The most unique feature of Supermarket Mechanics is its supplier sales page. This sales page provides the supplier with full features like a physical store that can be displayed in the online environment, so that the supplier can reach customers more easily, in addition to the feature of reducing costs. price according to the set quantity or %, self-created promotions, management features by category, regulation of complex goods, wholesale and retail prices.


Mechanic Supermarket website interface


“The most difficult stage is to reach the target market customers, while customer behavior is varied. Up to now, Mechanic Supermarket has solved almost 70% of the problems encountered by users and helped them get close to the product as well as make the right decision to buy the right product they need,” said Mr.

Sharing about future goals, the development team hopes to develop a larger and larger 4.0 mechanical market business model, first reaching Southeast Asia.